Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Iris Garden

I did a 26' mural for a custom pool which I then turned into patterns for my art quilting group. Anyone that was interested could choose a section to work on. The only two rules was that they had to use two same fabrics and add a personal element to the quilt. They were encouraged to not work together but as individuals, making their piece uniquely their own. Each section is 36"x42" and they all meet and hang as one big unit. It was so exciting to finally see all the pieces hanging together, it was amazing. Everyones piece was so beautiful and was a true labor of love. We are also honored to have been accepted to hang at "Road to California" this January. Look for our quilt and see if you can see each unique element in each section of the quilt. These women worked so hard to make this happen, they appliquéd, painted, fused, embellished, quilted, designed some worked from other states. All in hopes that they would finish in time to submit it for the Road, congratulations to all of you!!
1. Nancy Williams
2. Ann Turley
3. Kay Davis
4. Desiree Habicht
5. Christa Elsee
6. Marilyn Fromherz
7. Phyllis Campbell
8. Anne Sonner  
9. Nancy Mastroianni


Jamie Fingal said...

Absolutely stunning. I can't wait to see it at Road. Love the colors too. I think the design and coordination of group projects are an achievement in itself. Congrats!

Desiree said...

Thanks Jamie!

Marilyn Fromherz said...

They really do look good all together a great hand to everyone who worked so hard on this group project.

Corni Quinlivan said...

Absolutely beautiful! What a talented bunch my Friends are!

Nancy Goldman said...

What fun to see them all finished after seeing them as works in process. They're beautiful.

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