Sunday, November 11, 2012

Gathering seeds and Fall Cleanup

I love to get ready for winter by doing a good Fall Garden Clean up! It is nice to get all the old dead or drying leaves, stems and stuff cleaned out of the yard. We prune everything back knowing that by early next year everything will be already coming back out. As I take out the old spend flowers I make my last bouquets and collect seed heads for next years plantings. I end up with many little baggies full of seeds that I label with a permanent marker. Some I send to my mom, others I share with friends there is always enough to go around!

Its a great time to journal about your collected treasures too. I have a special gardening journal where I can make notes, document problems I am having as well as successes I have. My garden, like my artwork, is often a test or experiment to see if I can grow it or not.
I find I am always inspired by nature, taking the time to stop and enjoy all it offers in every season.
The Nasturtiums are just about done too, few blooms are left but lots of leaves still. I started with many colors but seem to only have the yellow/orangeish ones left? I am also pulling out my summer garden getting ready to plant my leafy winter one.
 I also picked the last of my apples and made Susan Branches Apple Crisp, yummy. So nice that the weather has cooled enough for me to want to cook again!

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