Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A series for the next 6" show

Randy Higbee's Gallery had their 6" show, it was amazing. I missed the deadline by a day and was just sick over it. This time I will be ready. They are supposed to have another around fall sometime. I am working on a series of small paintings that will also be available for sale on my other blog, desiree's designs , so keep you eyes open as I will be offering new pieces all the time. Here is my latest series called Vineyard Gold. Pastel 6"x6". The photo is a bit blurry, my phones photo quality seems to be slipping!!


Susan Roux said...

These are very inviting with wonderful color!

Joan said...

These are lovely!!! That sounds like a fun show. I saw the post about your card to Katherine...how nice that they wanted to use the card!!! Congrats!

I am frustrated because my original blog is having posting problems. I haven't been able to post on it for a while, and even met with a computer tech expert to see if we could work it out. So far it isn't working. I may have to start up a new blog (grrrr!!!). If I do I'll let you know. I am continuing to post on my fake blog for the International Fake Blog Month. You can see it here:

Donna Becker said...

Gorgeous grape clusters!

Desiree said...

Thank you everyone, Joan, sorry to hear about your blog, maybe its a sign. A sign that you are really the alter ego you are pretending to be! LOL

Cynthia Schelzig said...

Wonderful piece....love your work!

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