Monday, March 21, 2011

My sketch to quilt class projects!

Friday and Saturday I taught a fun class called "Sketch to Quilt". I give the students a few basic drawing tips and some simple instructions and then I turn them loose to sketch some simple still lifes I have set up. I am always amazed how well they all seem to do with a few sketching secrets. After they have sketched a bunch of quick drawing they can combine them or just use the one they like best and they transfer it to watercolor paper. At that time I gave a painting and collage demo and then they were off painting up a storm and adding empherma! The original paintings turn out fabulous but then  I take them home and transfer to fabric via my computer. The next day they add more color, text and even do some discharging. What they end up with is an amazing little quilt block that they can add to and make larger or they can make a small wall artquilt. Here are some of my students amazing little paintings and fabric transfered pieces, can you tell which is which?

I had a few students that managed to sneak out before I could photograph them. I hop they will send me their finished photos. Congratulations to my talented students for creating such amazing pieces of artwork!


artybecca said...

those turned out great! the colors are so vivid. Love 'em!

Ann Buckner said...

What fun and how creative. Love, love the vibrant colors and how they were all painted.

Joan said...

Your classes always look like so much fun!!!

Helen Percy Lystra said...

What great pieces and it looks like it would be great fun too.

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