Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fun day tie dying!

Friday my artquilt group had a playday at my house. We had seen a piece of fabric that someone had dyed using a method in the Quilting arts magazine and loved it so we decided to try it ourselves. It calls for 5-6 mens silk ties and a aluminum pot and some vinegar. The article went through the whole wrapping and dying process and we decided it would make a fun playday, so we all began to gather ties from our local thrift stores and met last Friday. Kay brought some wonderful extra pieces of silk and we ended up all sharing pieces of our ties. The fabric turned out amazing, I even liked the muslin that we wrapped our silk in so much I am keeping that too. The day turned out perfect, the weather, the food, the friends all were perfect. I love this group of women, they are all so talented and supportive to each other! Here are some of the pictures from our day together. We wrapped up our silk fabric and ties into long sausage like bundles and stuck them into a pot of water, then boiled it with vinegar for about 20 minutes. We then rinsed them and let them cool to touch, just enough so we could open up the bundles to see what awaited us inside! Picture #3 is just the pile of ties and silks we used to dye our silk fabric.

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Fun day tie dying! by ddhabicht
One of my dyed pieces, I added some details with a pen, see the houses and the cars and the fish?

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