Saturday, October 03, 2009

My studio - OCT 3

Hi everyone, well today is the studio reveal through Quilting Arts. Everyone who signed up is supposed to post pictures of their studio spaces. I will be posting different photos during the day since I have two work areas now in my home. Although my husband says that the whole house is a work area before a show or during a project. It happens to the best of us, we nicely organize a space to sew or paint, but then we need just a bit more, so, we borrow some space from over there. Then that space is full so we take a tiny corner from over there! LOL Does this ring a bell with anyone else?

My studio is a converted bedroom, I have tile floors and a design wall for quilts. I always have a ton of projects hanging at anytime on my design wall. I hang some of my quilts and some of my artwork on the opposite wall. I love to have the walls full of "my" things. The room becomes an inspiration and motivation just being in there. It is my refuge, I love it. I have a TV also that allows me some company when I am working but I often find the family loves to just come and sit with me while I work. Isn't that how it always is, just like when the kids were small and followed us into the bathroom. I usually do not hang other art in my studio, only my own. Other art can be found around the house along with mine.

Since I also design fabric and paint for a living I love natural light. Although my husband installed all kinds of good lighting its just not the same. So..... in our bedroom we have a sitting room, it is a large area that we basically don't use and I love the view and the light from the octagonal windows that face the backyard. I love to sit and watch "nature" as I paint. The windows are tinted so often birds will play within inches of me painting. There is no TV here, the view, the area is enough, and I love this spot too. Combining painting, pastels and fabric didnt really work, I always had to clean up one before starting the other. I love having multiple project going at one time so this allows me that luxury. We have a big house and I am making the best use out of otherwise usless rooms.

Look for pictures throughout the day today sent from my phone. We are frantically working on quilts etc for Houston since my fabric just arrived yesterday. So I will post some of us working from varies spots.


Judi B said...

Just lovely, Dawn. I can picture you working there with the birds fluttering by. In my own studio, I love to listen to classical music with birdsong overlaid. It is very inspirational to have nature nearby in the creative process! I'll be back again. If you need a breather in your busy day, stop by my own virtual studio and have a cup of virtual tea!

virtuallori said...

Ha! No kidding about taking over other spaces. I have two dedicated studio spots (one room + a workbench in the garage) plus an office for computer work, but I still somehow end up colonizing the family room or the dining room table.

Looking forward to seeing more of your space.

Anke Martin said...

Oh how fun is that, having all over the house a creativity spot!!!! Sounds wonderful! Enjoy spending time in every spot!
Smiles, Anke ;)

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