Thursday, October 08, 2009

Houston here we come!

I am ready, I got everything plus more done in time thanks to all my sewing angels, Dee, Debbie, Karen, Shirley, Dawn, Randy, Marianne!! Thanks to all of you for helping to make my trip so perfect. I think one of the greatest blessing from having all these wonderful women here was that I got to visit with them and had such a great time just sewing with a friend. This is probably what the old sewing bee's were all about, sewing and visiting. I did manage to get this quilt thrown together, it also uses my fabrics and creates a non-western look, its called Bluebird Somersaults. I managed to remember to ship my "Sumi" artquilt to the Pacific International Show that is going on at the same time as Houston. I was afraid I might forget in all the rushing around that was happening here. I am leaving tomorrow and wont be back until next week. Be creative while I am gone!

1 comment:

Cindi said...

looking wonderful!!!! have fun in houston!! enjoy!!!

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