Thursday, April 03, 2008

WDE March 28th on Wet Canvas

I decided to look at the photos put up for this weeks drawing event. The host posts 16 pictures and then you choose which ever ones you like to draw or paint. You have 30 minutes to choose and only 2 hours to do your drawing/painting. I did this one last night as I sat in bed until 2am. I just love this photo, it is of her dad shortly before his death. They own a ranch in Montana and they live and work the ranch during the summer and they leave for the winters. She had asked her dad to put on his cowboy hat and shirt and pose for the picture. He grumbled and didn't want to but finally agreed. What a great shot she got, the sun, the shadows, its great. Anyway, here is my version in graphite of her dads photo, I will paint him too! It was a great study in values and shadows.


Sandy said...

Wow - what a wonderful portriat, I would guess you have captured the essence of this strong face.

Margaret Ann said...

Not only is this a lovely drawing Desiree...but also is a capture of hopes and dreams and wisdom that go along with the face drawn here.
I'm very moved by this.

Serena said...

You have done an excellent job at capturing his strength and wisdom...well done indeed.

Ai said...

Very welldone. You very well capture his kind wisdom.

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