Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The trade show

Well, I have been scrambling to get things all wrapped up for my first trade show. I am frantically trying to get all the last minute details finished up along with all the sewing, writing, quilting etc. I had my business cards and post cards arrive today and they turned out great. I ordered them online from a company I had never heard about before so there was so apprehension. I was so pleasantly surprised to see how good they did come out. I even ordered some more today. We leave on the 15th so time is running out. I am also still working out Jennifer's care with our other kids. Now with the pool everyone is happy to stay over!

I have missed visiting everyones blog, please forgive me, its been so long since I have had time to just visit. I am typing this at 2 am in an effort to just post something. I miss France with Ronnel, Arizona with Teri, SC with Lyn, Thailand with Ai, Art class with Marta. I hope I got all that right, my brain is starting to fog just a bit. I will be back in a few weeks with lots to share! I am looking forward to flying to Oregon, even to work, its wonderful to just get away for a few days. I love the thought of traveling anywhere! I did get a wonderful card from Ai, thank you so much, you are too sweet.

I have been working on new patterns and quilts, this is one of them. Its called "Just Ducky"


Africantapestry and Myfrenchkitchen said...

Good luck on your trade show desiree!Enjoy it and come back rested and full of stories and inspiration!

Serena said...

Good luck with the trade show from me too, Desiree. I hope it brings lots of business your way.

Veru cute quilt piece!

indiaartist said...

All the best. Love the pattern of the new quilt.

Ai said...

Good luck on the ducky quilt. It looks like you will have a wonderful and fun trip. Do show us some of the pictures of your first show.

BTW I am from Thailand not Taiwan... Ai

Desiree said...

Thanks everyone, I am racing the clock but getting excited.

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