Saturday, April 05, 2008

Spa Night

I had a spa night, I invited Marta and Rudy and Dawn and Mike over for martini's and tapas. Randy makes a wonderful, summery martini called summer breeze which he made for us and then everyone brought munchies! We had tons of food and lots of fun sitting in the spa and talking about art and art classes and the museum. Great friends, food and fun, what more could we ask for. We did have some uninvited guests this weekend, a swarm of bees have decided they also like the new additions to the backyard and have started a hive in one of the walls of the outdoor barbaque area. The bees are swarming pretty good as of this afternoon, more and more seem to arrive daily. Tuesday we have someone coming to handle the issue, I wonder if I will get any honey out of the deal?

Today the kids wanted to swim so bad, so even though the water was in the 60's as was the outside air they jumped in and swam for hours. I showed them the bees and told them to ignore them and they would ignore us, as they did. I bundled up in a blanket to keep the cold wind off of me as I sat and sketched some of the features in the yard as the kids swam. I bought this giant buddah head, she has a wonderful green and rust looking patina and I loved it as an art piece for the yard. My kids now think I have gone pagan and given up my Christian faith! Wow, amazing that a piece of cement can cause such discussions and distress! So to clear up any doubt, I am not a buddist but I do love this head as an art piece for my yard. My faith remains intact. I have drawn it here as it sits on one of the columns next to the pool.


Serena said...

Beautiful sketches, Desiree.

LOL over the concern about your changing your faith because of the Buddha head. I love the Indian or Tibetan type Buddhas like the one in your sketch and, as I tend to lean more towards Eastern or Pagan beliefs, it is no shock for family or friends to see Buddhas in my house. Your Buddha has a very serene and tranquil look ~

How lovely to have friends over....glad the bees left you alone. We once had a swarm of bees trying to set up a hive inside our house wall...they were gaining access through the vent in the exterior wall....the noise was incredible!

SCquiltaddict said...

Beautiful sketches!!!

Sandy said...

What a lovely conversation piece added to the lovely pool. Very sketch worthy - I want one by my pool!!!

Ai said...

Lovely sketches.

Sandy said...

That Buddha is wonderful!!


Margaret Ann said...

Lovely fluid sketches..."gotta luv the Buddha"! :)

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