Sunday, December 03, 2006

EDM #95 and update

I finished my NaNoWriMo challenge and made the 50,000 word goal. Yippee for me, I was really surprised how easy it was to find the words when I made the time to write. I mentally kept track of how far behind I was getting if I hadn't written in a few days and then attacked the computer with a writing marathon. I was often writing the words through tears but thats ok. I feel like it was a kind of purging for my soul. I am not finished yet either, I have a bit to go so I am looking forward to setting aside the time for that. Its funny with me, I really work best with goals and drop dead deadline dates. It forces my procrastinating soul to do it!

I have also been working on my Christmas Card for both the exchange and just for our personal card this year. I have settled on this painting, for the card I softened the edges and then printed them. I used some glitter for the snowy areas and put gold around the edge of the card, I like the results. With the exchange I am sending and recieving from Thailand and Sweden along with many people throughout our country so it should be a lot of fun.

Thanksgiving was full of family and food as usual. I was a little sick so cooking and just all the activity kept me tired and a bit grumpy but all is well and we had a great time visiting with my mom and brother who also brought his dogs, a pug named Charlie and a new french bulldog named Winston. Cute, cute they added alot of activity to the dinner.


Brenda Y said...

I was so enthralled with reading the excerpt in your Nanowrimo project and was wondering if you are going to pursue getting it published?
Congratulations on finishing the goal and meeting the deadline!! That was a HUGE commitment.

Karen Winters said...

Congratulations on your NaNoWriMo, Dianne! That's a lovely card, too.

Sioux said...

Desiree, good for you for completing the writing. Wish I had been able to try this you. I'm sure you are filled with joy for completing the process.

Plain Jane said...

what a lovely card, and the glitter and gold detail really makes it extra special.
Gosh, I read your NaNoWriMo excerpt and want to read more. congrats on completing that writing challenge. Ok, so you're done with your card, your writing, and the gingerbread house party, now meet me in Oceanside for the Quilt Visions exhibition!

Susan said...

Congratulations on making the 50,000 words!

That was my favorite of your card designs that I saw, I think. Good choice. =)

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