Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Merry Christmas!!!

I have been busy, as we all have with Christmas just around the corner. Jennifer was in for 8 hours of tests and it was grueling. I am so glad that is over, now we just have to wait for the results. Then yesterday my grandson slipped into a diabetic coma due to having the flu and not holding down food so his blood sugar was elevated to dangerous levels. Wow, it has been an "e" ticket ride this Christmas. He is doing better now but is still in ICU. Hopefully he will be home for Christmas morning and all the presents. Before all the fun started I managed to get out my Christmas Cards and I sent out this Christmas postcard for one exchange, then my quilt guild had a block exchange and I made a gingerbread block to exchange. I wanted to offer it to all my quilting friends out there, if you would like me to email you the pattern for the gingerbread block just send me your email and I will send it too you as my gift. I will ask the girl who got it to send me a photo, I forgot to take a picture before giving it away. It is a very simple design but turned out cute, I sewed rick-rack around the edges and did big giant buttons for his eyes. Enjoy


Lin said...

Oh Desiree -- what a time ... prayers for your grandson ... and good wishes for the holidays!!

Brenda Y said...

Oh my, what a trial you've had. My prayers are with ALL your family, praying that Jennifer's tests come out well and that your little grandson bounces back real quick! My sister has had DM since she was 9 yrs old (she's now 47) and I do remember one Christmas we spent in the hospital and actually it's a good memory! We took Christmas to my sis and the hospital staff joined in.

Susan said...

I hope everything turned out well for your grandson, and everyone else is healthy now, too. What an e-ticket ride is right!

The postcards are fabulous! I was able to pull the gingerbread man right on to my desktop, no problem. He's just the right size. Thanks! Your Christmas lights one is as cute as can be, too. I'm committed to making two cards in January. We'll see how this goes. =)

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