Friday, September 08, 2006

Vacation sketches

I did do some sketching while I was on vacation but I found that we ran so much of the time and I didn't have time to sketch too much. I also felt like it took time away from Randy and I, it was our first vacation alone so I didn't want it to take away from our time together. I did draw during a very romantic dinner(see above) at an Italian Resturant and it took so much time, so I decided to put it away. We had such a fabulous time, we did everything we could find to do in Nashville Tennessee. It was beautiful and everything worked out perfectly. Here are a few sketches of our trip. The first one is of people at the airport,then a sketch of people getting on the plane and the one next to it is of the steak house resturant which we saw from the balcony in our room. We stayed at the Gaylord Opry Resort and it was really beautiful.
They were also having the National Championship Tennessee Walking Horse Show while we were there so we thought it would be fun to drive to Shelbyville (every city has a ville at the end) and watch the show. When we finally got to the show they had just finished the morning section and wouldn't have another event until 7pm, well we were so dissappointed but decided to wait until the night show. We bought our tickets and got to see two classes when they made an announcement that the judges and the trainers were having some trouble coming to an aggreement on something so they were putting a hold on the show and if we would wait patiently it would start in a few minutes. I ended up drawing the heads of the people in front of me. Well 45 minutes later they were still fighting and they ended up canceling the show for that night, I was really mad. I thought about how sad it was for all those kids that were there trying to show. It has to do with animal protection laws and what some of these trainers and owners do to the horses to win. I guess that some of the winner were disqualified and it started a big fight. I can understand them trying to stop this practice of soring the horses front legs to make them walk like they do, its kind of like the whole steroid thing, it became the unwritten law that to win you had to take steriods and the ones that were doing it the right way weren't winning. The same thing with these horses I think, they just arent as showy unless they are in pain, sad, so sad what we distort in the name of beauty!


Susan said...

I love the sketches. I am so *envious* of your ability to draw things. I might have mentioned that before. It's so sad about the horses, too. I suppose it's a tradition, but maybe someone should stop the tradition. Some things should be allowed to die out. It sounds as if you two had a wonderful vacation, though, and that is a good thing!

Linda said...

Lovely sketches! I always hate to hear that people are still soring the walkers legs -- they really don't HAVE to!

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