Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Another mural for a little girls room

I had a job due today that was a Raggity Anne and Andy, it snuck up on me and I had to overnight it to the job site. That usually doesn't happen to me since I watch my schedule closer than that but there you have it. I got this one done and a train done too which needed to be on the same job site. After I paint them they are cut out and are ready to be shipped.I about had a heartattack when they called me and asked where the murals were, ahhh. I thought the job had been pushed back to the 25th but I scrambled so that I could get them done in time to ship since they have to arrive tommorrow. I hate that feeling in my stomach when the odds are stacked against me, but ohhh that feeling when I get it done. Wow. Today I am so thankful for my husband who helped me complete my mission !

1 comment:

Lin said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! I SO fondly remember these beloved dolls!! Sure wish children played with them more often than I see them ... GREAT JOB!

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