Tuesday, September 19, 2006


I have this habit of drawing horse heads on every scrap of paper within my reach if I have a writing utensil and there is a blank spot. Everyone who knows me laughs at the fact that I leave a trail wherever I go. My old boss used to request I stopped delivering his phone messages with horses all over them. LOL I find that if I have a minute where my mind is allowed to wander or I am bored or the phone rings, I start to doodle these horses, some heads, sometimes full bodied. Most often prancing proudly with long flowing manes. At our house, my husbands desk is full of these signature horses. I have done this as long as I can remember, I think I should just add them to my signature, because they practically are. It almost like the old saying "Leroy was here" remember that? Anyway, at wetcanvas they were having a carousel horse challenge, so I printed the photo with intentions of drawing it in colored pencil. The next day I was sitting at my desk and I was talking on the phone and I started to doodle, of course the horse head was first then I started to draw the carousel horse. Well since it was just mindless drawing I didn't have room to do more plus I was using a really bad pencil that just happened to be on the desk. I ended up with this partial head, and the other one I always draw. I was wondering, what do you doodle when your on the phone or still for a minute? Do you have a something you draw over and over. The other thing I draw is a flower, over and over. Let me see your doodles too! I must make a correction to this post, although my carousel horse was just started as a doodle, I understand it did get a bit fussy with the shading, although it started as a doodle. I like to shade my doodles sometimes, but often they are just line drawings. So whatever or however you doodle, I would love to see them. The little horse head is my signature doodle.


Alanna said...

I just posted one of my signature doodles. Randomly doodled folks. I also doodle mandala designs sometimes.

Karen Winters said...

That's a fine looking "doodle" Dianne ... I'd say more like a finished drawing. Lovely!


Lin said...

INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL!!! Love the horse head -- truly well done! I agree with Karen -- my doodles look NOTHING that glorious!

Donn said...

FANTASTIC! Great drawing. Your horsehead doodles are the best I've seen.
Nice job. Good enough to frame!

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