Wednesday, September 13, 2017

I might be a bit early but who cares!! Our Apothecary Shop!!

I am excited to be already working on things for the holidays. Going into Fall is inspiring! I just love it, the holidays are right around the corner. This year we have decided to decorate for Halloween. We don't usually do that but this year Jen and I decided to set up an Apothecary Shop on a big antique we have. So we have been collecting jars, labels, bugs etc. The creepy part is that some of these were already in Jenns room! We have an interesting design esthetic.  So yesterday we began setting up our shop. We added plastic bugs to oil in jars along with plastic bones and pictures. We have had fun a the dollar store along with digging through cupboards and Jenn's room! We are also finding free Halloween labels and ideas on Pinterest!!

A side view of the display

We still need to add some spiders in liquid and details to our set up but its coming along!

This jar of caterpillars (plastic) really look real, ick! LOL loving it, oh it does have a few cockroaches thrown it also. I used old vegetable oil, not water, to float the critters.
Dollar store purchases except for my Boo-licious chalkboard painting in back!
One of my favorite pictures, you can see the oil in with these small black snakes that look like worms. I used my collection of old coffee and tea pots which added to the look. Under the things you can see some netting, it was called creepy cloth at the dollar store! The white ball under glass is actually a kidney stone that Jenn's horse passed many years ago. It was so amazing, and she worked for a vet, so we kept it. It adds the crazy collection. 
Still in progress but will post more later!! Having fun sharing ideas!
What are you planning for Halloween this year? You might consider setting up a shop of your own! Share you photos!

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