Thursday, July 30, 2015

7 Tips To Reignite your Creative Mojo- Tip #3

Some of my most creative days don't start out like that at all! These can be the days when I have convinced myself that the reason I am not feeling creative is because my art studio is a mess. I resolve myself to the task of organizing and going through all of my art supplies to throw out whats old and make a list for what I need to buy.

Well as we all know this can be a daunting task, even more so for creatives. First I have to sample things as I find them, make sure they haven't dried out or that the brush is still usable. For that I need some paper or canvas or fabric, even a paper towel will do. Then its on to checking on the pens and markers I have, drawing something to make sure they still write and thats all it takes to start the process of creating via cleaning. OH, Then there is the glue and the special paper I bought for a collage last year, I wonder if the glue has dried out? 

Did I hear you say "SQUIRREL"?

It has become a comedy routine in my house, where my studio resides. I start off the day by making the huge announcement that " I will be cleaning up my studio today!" I would like to not be interrupted as its very important that I get it done today. Within an hour my husband may pass by the door of the studio to find me missing, he decides to investigate and finds me in the garage painting on a piece of fabric. I start to explain the creative process and how to clean my studio thoroughly I need to make sure I am only keeping the supplies that are in the best condition. Another hour might slip by and my husband will open the garage door looking for me to find me gone. He then starts the search and finds me at the sewing machine, at which time I begin the explanation of how I found this small project I was almost finished with and ......... My husband says its cleaning out my studio one art supply and project at a time!

Starting off with good intentions and ending up with good inventions! Gosh I love my studio!

Taking the time to just rediscover your art supply stash can spur you into action. It can make those creative juices start flowing again and you will find that you have more ideas than you can handle! 

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