Monday, July 20, 2015

7 Tips to Reignite your Creative Mojo - Tip #1

We all go through it, that feeling that we are in a creative rut and we can't seem to find a way out. We can't seem to shake the lack of motivation to create and the lack of vision regarding what to create.

Do you find yourself walking around the house aimlessly looking at unfinished projects?

Do you scan and survey your art supplies hoping something will jump out and grab you?

 Do you finally grab a pencil and just scribble something trying to calm the creative beast within?

For myself I love to get reabsorbed into my studio. It has a special energy that I love and its wonderful to just take some time and be quiet and enjoy the things that surround me.

 I also love to look through my working sketchbooks.

What is a working sketchbook? 
It is a place where I have made notes and done quick sketches when I get an idea for either a new art piece or quilt or fabric line. The sketches are very rough, often just the first pass at an idea. It is where I explore a theme. This is a safe place to develop an idea and they are not a sketchbook you would usually share with others. They become a wealth of creative energy and unrealized potential. A place where you store an idea that sits patiently to be rediscovered and taken on to its full potential. 

When I used to paint murals for the interior design industry and now when I design kids fabric lines I will often start with a theme. These sketches were going to be my first fabric line called "Horsin Around". I started off just sketching everything around that idea or thought. I will often take notes as well as make quick sketches. It is often a messy process since I am trying to quickly capture all the thoughts and ideas that are coming up once I have selected the theme!

These working sketchbooks are like a living book that I constantly revisit to add to and take things from. 

These books are not sexy and they are not pretty but I love mine. They usually contain a heavy multi purpose paper, it is often large and it is not meant to carry around. It is often tucked next to my bed at night for those late night epiphanies. It might be where I am testing an idea, or working through a problem.

Working through different eyes

I find that when I sit and revisit my ideas and studies I get inspired to jump up and start my new project. I never seem to make my way through all my working sketchbooks before they have sparked an idea and I am ready to begin!

Do you have a working sketchbook, one that no one but you looks at. A place where you feel safe to create and develop your ideas? If not I hope you will get one today and begin releasing your ideas into the book before you lose them forever! 

Tip #2 next post!

I am going to be asking a few of my most creative artist friends to share what they do to Reignite their Creative Mojo and I will be sharing it with you soon!

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