Monday, May 11, 2015

Seeing through an Artist's Eye- Mastering the Basics- REGISTRATION IS OPEN!

Join me for my 6 week class:

In this course we will not only be learning the secrets of how to draw almost anything we will be building a strong foundation for you to build your new artistic life.

We will be also going deeper and addressing some of the negative mindsets that often surround art and Artists.

  • Have you always wanted to draw, always wished you could express yourself creatively and openly. 
  • Let me help to build your confidence so you can learn to creatively begin your artistic journey. 
  • Learn how to really see like an Artist, how to notice the important things. 
  • Learn how to no longer be just a casual observer but an intimate partaker in the beauty that surrounds us! 
I would love for you to join us. Read more about the class here! Early Registration is now open, register before May 20 and get early bird pricing and my bonus E-book on Enhancing your Journaling experience.

Save your Seat Now!


allycat said...

Desiree I received your card today. I want to tell you I have never received a thank you card from anyone for a class I signed up to take. You really impressed me by doing this. I can't wait to take your class. alena

Desiree Habicht said...

Thank you Alena! That means a lot to me! I want this to be not just a class but a wonderful , unique journey into art together! I am so excited to get started, see you on the 3rd! Thanks again

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