Sunday, June 01, 2014

Getting ready, set, go!

I am getting ready to go to Atlanta for an UpLevel your business conference. I am finding that it is making me very anxious and I don't know why. Possibly it is the accountability to my art business or maybe just traveling and all that entails, I'm not sure.

It is a big step and sometimes I sometimes I feel like I have such little feet.

This is one of those push outside of your box moments, that's for sure. In all the rush to get out I am finding it hard to just do art and that is what this is all about, right. For me, art helps me to relax and focus, something I need right now. Do you have those times too? Those crazy times when you can't find the time to create or you feel dry and unmotivated.

 Try doing something different and smaller so you can finish it. I happened to be working in the yard, trying to get my vegetable garden planted when I saw the dusty miller brightening up a dark corner in the yard. This grey/ green plant is really a wonderful accent in a yard. I grabbed a pencil and sketchbook just to sketch the wonderful lacey leaves. This unfinished sketch gave me something to work on over a few days as I grabbed a moment to just breath. It's not a masterpiece, just a sketch, so it was fun. I later outlined it and then waited a day for the flowers to open so I could show them separately. They are really nondescript compared to the bright foliage but when looked at on their own they are wonderful. 

Taking a few moments to be creative, even when you have to break them up into smaller sessions, will help you stay creative and motivated for those bigger projects later. It can be challenging to be creative during busy or stressful times which can lead to creative dry spells. I find that remembering to take a few minutes, doing what we love, will keeps those creative juices flowing during droughts!


Ladydy5 aka: Diane Yates said...

Well at least you are closer to me in Tennesse. I am traveling and get very anxious too. I hate leaving home, my safe place. Good luck sweet lady.

Joan Tavolott said...

Have fun in Atlanta!

Love how you can take a simple sketch and make it look so elegant. Lovely!!

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