Sunday, April 06, 2014

Giving away feels so good

It is said that most of us spend the first half of our life gathering things and the second half giving them all away. I come from a long line of givers, that group of people that only feel complete if they can share. It could be possessions or talents or knowledge or time but the only way to feed our souls is if we share ourselves and give it away. I feel so very blessed and we all know you receive so much more in return!

Are you one of those too?

Do you glow in the sharing but wince in the receiving? I have been working on my receiving skills for a long time. That can be harder than giving since it can be unexpected and feel undeserved. It often feels uncomfortable, like I am wearing someone else's clothes. But I have learned over the years that it is all part of that giving cycle, of blessing and being blessed. 

 I was a receiver this week, twice! Carolyn Brinely sent me some adorable Easter Baskets made from one of my patterns. An unexpected gift from a complete stranger that touched my heart! What a completely unselfish thing to do, I am displaying them with pride! Carolyn is another giver.

And then my fabric company sent me the quilts they had made from my fabric to have! I had offered to pay them to cover their expenses but they declined the money and just sent the quilts, pillows etc! My cup runneth over this week.

Today my grandson Blake came to visit. Last year I had made some things to display with my Monster truck fabric line with Blake in mind. I am now done promoting the line and it was time to give him his gifts from Nana. Nothing fills me up more than someone who loves my gifts. That is what fuels us to keep giving, what keeps us charged. Creating what you love, with love, and then releasing it is the best. My daughter has been sending me pictures of him wearing his backpack around the house during the day and carrying his little monster truck carrier everywhere he goes, perfect joy for me!

Tommorrow I am sending out another love gift to a special baby who needs some comfort! Blessing abound!

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