Thursday, April 24, 2014

A hike a day keeps the poundage away?

Okay, I admit its cheesy, but I made you look! LOL  I was invited to an early morning hike today by my girlfriend Marta. I had been wanting to go and even though it was last minute I decided to jump out of bed and get out of the house. We went to the Hartford Springs Nature Reserve, it is a rocky place with trails and lots to see.

The weather was perfect, just what we ordered and I brought Randy's camera so that I could take lots of pictures to sketch from later. We hiked for about an hour and realized how out of shape we all are, the whining started about 3/4 of the way through. Marta started it!

We managed to get a tiny bit lost but climbed up onto the hill and could see which way we had to go to get back to our car.
Marta was the trail docent!

I found this rock that looked like it was going to fall!

Resting, even docents need a break

Gypsum Weed, poisonous and grows wild. I heard that kids were dying from smoking it!  

Another sketch of some of the flowers and the view from the hills

Our hiking selfie!!! Yeah we rock!

 Just being outside, hiking with friends, exploring a new place can just fill your whole day with sunshine. I even went home and did a few sketched of the things we saw today.

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Joan T said...

Love the photos of your hike and the sketches too! Looks like a fun day!

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