Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Small little projects that feed my creative soul.

I have been enjoying painting and sewing some small little projects lately. I think the fact that they are manageable and doable right now allows me to fit them in. Sometimes life can get so busy and complicated that by allowing ourselves the luxury of completeing some smaller projects we can continue to create without being overwhelmed. It's okay to just do what we can at that moment in time. It is finding that balance that will keep us moving forward and not running dry.

This is my 25th Anniversary piece for SAQA, shipped and received! 
Here is a new project I am working on for a new workshop. I am enjoying the hand sewing and embroidery stitches, its been awhile!
This is a photo transfer of a watercolor painting I did, then I added more paint, stitching and its done!

Are you struggling to start 2014 creatively? Why don't you just have some fun and create something small!


Martha said...

These are lovely. I will be interested in hearing about your new workshop. I so enjoyed the colored pencil class I took. I too am just doing small projects. Somehow this strange warm weather doesn't seem to make me feel like tackling anything big.

Desiree's Designs said...

Thanks Martha, I hope you are signed up for my newsletter, I always post all of my workshops there! Would love to see you sometime

Joan Tavolott said...

These are lovely!!! Small works and small is manageable.

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