Monday, July 15, 2013

Whiling away the Summer Days

This summer has been a mix of extremes, super hot days then cool days, then humid days. It recently decided hot was where it would stay. I have still been able to open up the house at night to cool things off and then close it up in the morning to try and keep the heat out so I don't have to run the air conditioning. The mornings are wonderful and the evenings are perfect for swimming, walking but the hot part of the day you will find me hiding inside. How have all of you guys been dealing with the summer so far? I made some Hibiscus sun tea yesterday and sat with my feet in the pool enjoying the breeze of late afternoon and talking to my husband who was in the pool brushing it down.  My peach tree was so loaded this year, and with us being away, I was unable to thin enough to save one of my limbs which is now being supported by two by fours until the fruit is picked and then it will have to come off.

It makes me so sad to loose another major limb, the tree is just so productive. The peaches are white flesh, free stone and I love them so much. There is just nothing like fresh peaches over ice cream, even now over vegan ice cream.

Its just not summer without that. Last year I canned jams, preserves, chutneys and relishes. This year I am going to make more fresh fruit things for a change. Some fresh relishes, fresh fruit pies, every morning my cereal is loaded with peaches, its been a bumper crop!
My vegan scone recipe, turned out a bit loose even though I dried the peaches before adding. They didn't look like a normal scone but they taste pretty yummy. 

They are great to grab and go for breakfast or to snack on, fat free too!
Since I don't want to heat up the kitchen, cooking and baking are kept to a minimum and then I have been setting some time aside to do some Spring cleaning. I have been avoiding this for too long and I make myself go through magazines, paperwork etc and organize for a few hours then I get to go and work on a sewing project or paint. I finished a block to submit to Quiltmakers 100 Blocks, if they except it I hope to see it in Volumes 9 or 10. I would like to submit another, we will see. I have some art quilts also that need to be finished up.
The Queen
I did this small wallhanging art quilt for a challenge in my art quilt group called Sub-Q. The challenge was holes. We were free to interpret anyway we liked and being an avid gardner had been dealing with damage to my hollyhocks from snails. I had declared all out war actually as they had practically skeletonized all the leaves on my poor bushes. It was perfect for the challenge and I painted it and then quilted it to some black felt. I then cut out the felt and leaves to produce holes. I have now decided it needs a bit more color on top and I am going to back it with another fabric. I am contemplating wether to cut through the fabric like I did in the front and make the holes go all the way through or back it with black and leave it. I am kind of leaning towards cutting it out. I think it will be interesting to see all the way through the quilt to the wall. I really love this little wall hanging more and more as it hangs in my studio. I still have my Hollyhocks too!
Hollyhocks, handpainted, machine quilted. Available 

I also have another fabric line due so I need to focus and get going on that, time is flying by and I just haven't been inspired. That is my goal this week, get it done!!

Oh and just a few other Summer things of note so far. My oldest grandson graduated from High School even though we all know I couldn't possibly be that old. But anyway, my daughter made him a money lei that she found on Pinterest. It was awesome!
Congrats Mikey!
And finally, it is Jennifer's birthday tomorrow. Its hard to believe she will be 37! Although she is in a wheelchair now I will always remember her free, independent spirit, and riding our horses through the hills together. She is an amazing person and although physically challenged she still continues to amaze and inspire me everyday. Happy Birthday Jenn!!


Joan T said...

Your wall hangings are the one of the hollyhocks.

Your grandson is very cute...I like the idea of a money lei. I'll bet he did too.

Happy Birthday to Jen. I've been following her blog and it is amazing what all of you went through. Yoiu are all inspiring!

Martha said...

Good to see you posting again. Love the hollyhocks. I like the idea of seeing the wall through it instead of a backing.
Happy Birthday to Jennifer.
I envy you all your peaches. I'd be eating them right off the tree until I burst!

Desiree Habicht said...

Thanks Martha and Joan, so nice to hear from you both. I have been feeling a bit uncreative so trying to force myself to show up and do stuff and I am sure it will return. I think its just the huge pressure cooker I was under before market, sucked out everything I had! LOL

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