Wednesday, July 31, 2013

New Projects and cleaning up UFO's

Hi everyone, summer is racing by and when its too hot to be outside I love to hideaway in my studio. I am working on some great new projects and cleaning up some of my unfinished ones too.

 I find that by setting small amounts of time aside to do some of the UFO's that I am getting through them! I have made myself a list of all the things. You might want to do this too, its empowering. Go around and make a list or gather all your UFO's and make a list. In a box next to the UFO give it a number from 1-10 on how much you love it. Now give it another number based on how quickly you would like to finish it. Based on your totals you can prioritize your UFO list and take out one, finish it and cross it off the list. Now your on your way to getting those projects out of your closet and into the hands of friends, family or selling them!  Oh, time for a watermelon break! I need some refreshments after all that work! PHEW!

My list was fairly extensive and I am tackling it!!! How long is your list?

I also am working on new things as my head is full of things I want to move on too also. Another list and some time and things are getting done. I have to set the time aside to sketch, paint, sew, work on fabric, if I don't I find that things get in the way and my time disappears. Here is a few pictures of what I am working on this week. What are you guys up too? I will be posting my background tutorial and some recipes too in the next few days, keep your eyes open! My Newsletter is on its way tomorrow too!
New fabric, hopefully
This is Chloe in Fabric, used fusible applique, inktense pencils, ink, paint and now to do the background and some thread for more details and she should be done!! 


Martha said...

Love your watermelon painting. You really captured it. Makes me want a slice right now.

Joan T said...

Great idea to work on UFOs when it is too hot outside. Cool off with that juicy watermelon!

Carol Sloan said...

Great idea to rank the Ufo's. I love the painting of Chloe!

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