Thursday, August 09, 2012

My demo at the Hemet Art Association

Yesterday I did a pastel demo for the Hemet Art Association. What a wonderful group of artists they have there. I felt both welcome and honored that they would all take the time to come out in the horrible heat to see me scribble with pastels and talk, talk, talk. I didn't realize how hard it is to paint and talk and keep a thought in my head. I have gotten so accustomed to just painting and getting into the zone that I forgot how hard it is to actually carry on a conversation as you paint. My brain is saying, ok use this color, make sure you don't mess up, don't make that terrible look you always make when painting, talk about something interesting while I am trying to answer questions talk about art. It ended up great and I raffled off 2 paintings for the group.  Thanks so much for a great time!

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Joan T said...

How lucky they were to be able to watch you paint...even if you weren't talking too. Some day I'll have to get out there with time to spare and meet up with you. I am coming out for a wedding in a few weeks, but I'll be busy down in San Diego and won't get to travel around...maybe next time.

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