Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Feeling trapped creatively???

I was having one of those weeks that we all have every now and then. Feeling like I was boxed in and stuck somewhere I didn't want to be. Do you feel like that sometimes too? Not only in your personal life but in your creative life? Do you want to break out? Me too!

Sometimes we are feeling trapped because of our circumstances or situation that is out of our control. Other times its just that we can't seem to find anything that really excites us to create. Its time for my wake up call to you! The longer you let the time go by the harder it is to start up again. You know its true! How many times have you started the gym, with all good intentions, to only go a few times before you stop again. Those first few trips are so painful, the days following are too, BUT, if you can power through you know in the long run you are healthier and the pain goes away. It not only goes away but it is replaced by a wanting to go. Your creative muscle is the same! The longer you wait to start the harder it will be. So what do you do?

Art should be an enjoyable process but sometimes it is frustrating because you can not achieve that thing you would like to achieve. To achieve a higher level of quality takes time and practice and so we end up back at the beginning of our circle, getting started. Try to pencil in some creative time, each day or every other day or twice a week. Start off slow, making sure you don't set yourself up to fail! Its a process, like exercise. You wouldn't run into the gym and work out for 4 hours straight and try to do that everyday. Your body would not only revolt but your mind would think you were crazy since you can now no longer walk or get up or down off the toilet! Am I right or what? Can you tell I have done this a time or two in my life?

If you are uninspired start out by just doodling something or nothing, just by getting your pencil moving the process has started. Go to your home library that is probably filled with art book or magazines that would help to inspire you, do a small project from one of those sources. Go to the library or museum in your area to see art that might inspire you. Go to a local art walk, to the beach, the mountains somewhere you love and just sit and take it in. Sometimes when we have been shut in for awhile its hard to feel inspired, get out!

I do art everyday, practically. It is not the same kind of art though. I think I am ADD and I like variety since I get bored easily. I love to start my morning with some coffee, my sketchbook and sit outside and pray and draw. I often have a larger project I am working on such as a painting or a quilt that I will work on. I also have more commercial or illustrative work that I do for my licensing agent and for the fabric company that will have to be worked and reworked. I don't always just paint for me, I am usually painting for others. That could have a tendency to make Art just a job and that runs the risk of killing the creative process too. I must say that I love ART! In every form of the word, so whether I am working on my project or their project, a commissioned piece or a show piece its a blessing to not only have the talent to do ARt but it a blessing to be able to do Art for a living!

Remember, you have a gift, a wonderful gift that only your can explore. Your Art will be like no other, your Art is unique to you. You will only discover the really beauty of the gift if you explore it and use it. What will you do artistic today???

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Marilyn Fromherz said...

A great note of inspiration. I have felt that way many times. I am in a slump too right now over many things with my creativity - this little note has helped as does all your creativity that inspires me. Thank you.

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