Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fall bush covering the hills in gold and oranges

I set out to paint with my plein air group. I waited in the car for the rain to stop but it just seemed to get stronger so I decided to paint while I waited. It went a bit like this,paint,turn on car,windshield wipers,defroster,heater,paint. This went on for sometime,my painting slow to dry,but still some magic happened as I do like the results. Tired and cold I left early,I think just about the time the sun came out and the rain stopped!


Bridget Hunter said...

This is a lovely little study - and done in such adverse conditions. Congratulations

Joan T said...

Great job on this, Desiree! I had to laugh at your painting from the car. I do that a lot, even doing an entire paintout from the car once. It isn't easy! lol

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