Sunday, August 28, 2011

Rocks at Scotty's Cove

With the heat threatening to melt us at 109,we escaped to the ocean and ended up at Crystal Cove State beach. The weather was about 74 and perfect. I carried my art supplies and chairs ( or my hubby did) down the cliff side stairs and found the perfect place to camp out for the day. I ended up spending most of the day just enjoying the breeze, the people and the sound of the waves against the shoreline. I painted two paintings, this one is pastel, done of the rocks close to where we were sitting. The colors were amazing and they seemed to be arranged perfectly. There were tons of wonderfully colored umbrellas, lots of kids and we enjoyed every minute. I wondered why I haven't done this more often.
Rocks at Scotty's Cove


Sandy said...

This is beautiful. I've visited here before and didn't realize you had so many blogs. I'll enjoy going through them.

I live in Inland empire and the heat has been awful but i'm hoping it's cooling down, it seems to be...

Helen Percy Lystra said...

Such warm friendly rocks...lovely.

Joan T said...

It is always fun to come and see what you are up to. Your paintings are always so full of light!!!

I just came back from 2 months in Venice, where I painted and ate my way through the days. Come visit.

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