Friday, August 05, 2011

My Fortune Cookie Quilt

We were each given a fortune cookie and asked to make a small quilt to represent our fortune. My fortune was "Try a new hat for a change in looks. Be creative!" This is Nana's New Hat, I painted the whole quilt and then quilted it. I decided to paint all the hats I wear and make them all one hat! The problem was the size restrictions, I have a whole other top section I have to put on after the show. This exhibit will be traveling to a quilt show in Ohio in October! Fun, there were about 8 of us that will be showing in the exhibit.


ale balanzario said...

Love this quilt, a very good idea, to have everything in your hat!!!

Beth Parker said...

I love the quilt, Desiree! I also just roamed down thru all the recent posts. Your blog is so entertaining and you are making such beautiful art.

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