Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Design wall

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I am taking an artquilt class from Katie Pasquini. Today we worked on design with shapes and lines and in the abstract. I am not really an abstract artist so this took me way out of my box, a good thing, or should be according to my own mantra. I did find it a bit uncomfortable as we attempted to design and create within a set of guidelines set up by the teacher! LOL I have never had creative rules before, its always been a fairly casual environment with lots of chatting. In this class she doesn't want any talking during the designing process. You need to be focused and in your Right brain area, she doesn't even want us talking to ourselves, lest we disturb our neighbors. LOL that gave me stress in its self since I am a notorious self talker. She says its the left side of our brain trying to ruin the creative process or right side of the brain. She doesn't know that I am taking to myself as a cheerleader, often saying things like, oh that looks good! Oh put the blue over there, yeah thats good. So several times I had to shhh myself in class. The first exercise was design with shapes, this is a photo of the classes paintings displayed for all the see what they like and what they don't like. Then we did a series with line only, no shape. Then we worked on some macro type designs that she is enlarging and we should get back today. After not sleeping the night before, not eating all day and coming off of a week of solid painting for my fabic line I didn't find the painting fun. Most of the women in the class had not painted much so it was alot of basic instructions on putting water on the paint to get it soft to use etc. I think that everyone enjoyed the painting part, it was a good basic, beginner painting class and I think for a nonpainter it helped them ease into the process. Then one exercise was to blind fold us and listen to different musics and paint to the music. Hmmm, I was for sure this was a recipe for disaster since we had a plate full of acrylic paint, a sheet of paper in front of us and then a blindfold on. Yawn! What a waste of paint! I ended up with a ton left on my plate I had to throw away. It was rated an intermediate class but it is a basics class. I am hoping for more information into the design part today, we will see! Anyway, its probably my bad attitude from no sleep. As we were drawing those tiny drawings, and I mean tiny, 1 1/2" x 1 " squares my eyes kept trying to roll back in my head, screaming for me to stop. I had forgotten my OTT light so the flourescent flickering wasn't helping either. I am taking a sleeping pill tonight, going to bed at 9 and trying to start again in the morning,although this is being written at around 4am, my stress hour. My husband said, hey what happened to the sleeping pill? I guess when going to bed that early I need to take a whole sleeping pill. More photos later.


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