Thursday, June 11, 2009

New Pattern

- Click on image to see it larger-
Well, I did it again. I had the quilt shop sign me up to teach something that I hadn't designed yet. I thought I would have time but that seems to be the illusive thing in my crazy life! Two days before the due date for class samples I started drawing. Mind you that I had been painting fabric in anticipation of the design but I still hadn't figured out how I would execute it. I finished and even had a few sign ups at meet the teacher night! Phew! I am making it into a new pattern and I think I may kit it up with hand painted fabrics for Houston this year. Here it is, I will be doing another in a square format and a few variations maybe as a show quilt.


Beena said...

Very,very pretty, Desiree! I can see why you had sign ups right away! And I bet if you kit it up for houston, they'll just fly!

caseytoussaint said...

That's lovely! I guess you're one of those people who do really well under pressure? Congratulationjs on pulliong that off!

Ai said...

This is awesome, Desiree. I can imagine it at the Christmas dinner table.

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