Monday, June 22, 2009

Another quiltlette piece I am experimenting with

I have been doing some collaging with tissue papers and other papers to create textures on the fabric, then I have been painting the base colors and then adding the main design. Here is one I like, what do you guys think? I was thinking it might make a nice fabric.


Beena said...

Truly beautiful! I love all the texture you created in the background, and the bright details of the flowers that sparkle with color!

CottageBliss said...


You have me thinking...and adding tissue paper to my list!

Love your blog,

Desiree said...

Thank Melissa, do try it, in colors too! You can apply with a gel medium, I used watered down glue, it will not be washable but I don't wash my art quilts! Let me know what you create!

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