Wednesday, March 05, 2008

My trip

Our family got the sad and shocking news that my sister had breast cancer during the holidays. She has been going through tests and biopsies to try and better understand the whole breast cancer word! At first we were all so scared and upset but the more we talk to the doctors and other survivors there is a hope that takes root and starts to grow. In an effort to continue the hope my family has tried to be there as a support for her during this hard time. My mom has been with her mostly, then my youngest brother who lives the closest to her. Last week I went up to go to the doctors with her and just to spend some much over due time together as sister's. We had such a wonderful visit, and although I didn't sketch or paint much my days were filled with the colors of our relationship. I really loved every minute. Today my other brother flew up to go to yet another doctors appointment with her.

One late afternoon as I was sipping my tea and sitting outside I decided I would sketch the tree in her backyard. Its not anything special but I noticed it was sitting dormant, waiting for the spring warmth and the sun to allow it to burst forth in bloom. I am hoping the same for my sister, that this will only be a short season in her life and that she will be able to burst forth out of this time of fear and saddness. The other drawing is of a man in the airport waiting for my plane home. The only two things I had time to do yet I filled every minute!


Quilt Knit said...

I saw your comments at Marta's blog. I dropped in to see your work. Your work is beautiful. I send you and your family ((( Circle of Healing Angels for your Sister and Family ))). Sherrie

Lin said...

My prayers for your sister -- I've had so many friends recently diagnosed with this dreaded disease, I will keep her in my thoughts .... and your tree is beautiful Desiree ... to me, coupling your comments with the tree -- there's a prayer of strength here ... a surival ....a tree going thru all sorts of turmoil and yet still growing and glowing and moving THRU it all .... beautiful work!

Sandy said...

I have been where your sister is, I know only too intimately the fear and panic but I am still here 14 years later- healthy and happy - there is every reason to belive solidly she will be yet another survivor! She is fortified by you and your family love.

Ai said...

She will be in my prayer. She got the best family support; she is a lucky breast cancer fighter.

Anita Davies said...

Wonderful post and beautiful sketch of your Sister's tree. I too hope this cold and insecure 'season' is short for her, she is lucky to have such a wonderfully supportive family but then...I am sure she knows that.
I'll be thinking of you all!

Serena said...

Sending prayers and positive vibes for your sister's full recovery. (((Hugs)))

Your drawings are beautiful and I really like Lin's comment about the tree being a symbol of strength.

Africantapestry and Myfrenchkitchen said...

What a lovely tree you did, and very symbolic I believe too, as Lin already said. Your sister and her family will be in prayers!

Karen Winters said...

I hope that she recovers completely and quickly. My thoughts are with you all.


Sandy said...

So sorry to read this, but I just wanted to say I have two friends who just got through wth treatment and they are all clear..

And the drugs they can use now to help with nausea and such are amazing, compared to years ago.

all the best to your sister and the family.

love your drawings!


Desiree said...

I wanted to thank each of you for your support and encouragement. I will let you know via my blog how she is doing. She is still getting second opinions at this point. All of your words mean so much, just to know all my internet buddies are there and listening. Its so good to have friends!

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