Monday, March 10, 2008

The Cantor Museum

I so appreciate all the wonderful support I have gotten from all my blogging friends. You all are so special to take the time to leave comments. It really means alot to me! While I was at my sisters we managed to go to the Art Museum at Stanford University. She lives in Los Altos which is really close to the University and we were looking for distractions. The museum was filled with so many wonderful pieces. I took some pictures I wanted to share, and one of my sister standing on the front steps.
The horse is a bronze sculpture made to look as though they put it together out of driftwood. It was amazing and one of my favorite pieces. This guy was upstairs in the contemporary area, he had his back to us as we entered the room. A nice example of the male physique!


Ai said...

I think the driftwood looking horse is very awesome. I am glad you all have a good quality time together.

Susan said...

That horse is really beautiful. It's amazing enough that I wish I could see it in person. Now I'm wondering. Is that a real man, or a statue? =) Very lifelike!

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