Thursday, November 08, 2007

Another Christmas Card Idea

This one is a sketch I started one night while I was laying in bed and my husband was watching the news. I was thinking about how everyone sends out Christmas pictures of their families at the holidays. I like receiving pictures and actually keep them in a special photo album. Its great seeing how their families grow over the years. That was what I was thinking about as I was sketching this, what would my family picture look like this year....... if we were snow people! LOL, a fun twist on a traditional theme. As many of you know our daughter lives with us and is handicapped, we are also down to one, one eyed dog. We make quite the card I think.

I might redo it in ink and some watercolor, I mean we have to have color in our Christmas cards!


Felicity said...

I love this one too, and such a fun idea! Thanks so much for your lovely comments btw.

Susan said...

This is a terrific card idea! I love the way you interpreted it. I like the way your mind works. =)

Terry said...

I love the happy faces they just capture the magic of Christmas


evelyn said...

love those snowmen. i collect snowmen for christmas. and i absolutely love the balls in the vase and your poinsettia. have you considered selling those cards??

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