Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Balloon Feastival

Well, we went to the balloon feastival last Friday night, but there were no balloons. I was so dissappointed. They said they only go up in the morning around 6 am, so we would have to come back. I don't think so, so Randy took Jenn and I to a beautiful winery for lunch. It was so awesome, we ate outside surrounded by vineyards. The place was filled with hanging baskets and pots of flowers everywhere. I took tons of pictures and painted a little while we waited to be seated. I tried a light red rose called Juliet that was great. Here is one of the geranium pots that sat next to the pillars that held up the lattice work covers.


Africantapestry said...

This is exquisite Desiree! Once again, the colors and brushwork are wonderful, and in this case there are some hard edges that give it that focus-area(even make it more detailed like you were wondering in your previous post?) where the eye wants to this!

Lin said...

OUTSTANDING DESIREE!! OH MY GOSH -- JUST FANTASTIC!!! Your day at the spa is enviable and the paintings are so cute!!

Wendee said...

So, so, so pretty! :)

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