Friday, June 15, 2007

Annabelle is making Snowballs in June

My garden is bursting with color and painting opportunities. I find I have such limited time to paint unlimited subjects. I spent a wonderful day with my grandson Nathan, whom I adore, and we went to Marta's to swim. Marta is the hostess supreme, she had snacks and homemade chocolate gelato! It was so yummy and perfect for a warm summer day. Nathan has never been in a real pool before so it was a great day full of new adventures. He slept well and when he left I decided to steal a minute to paint some Hydrangas I have. The are so full of blooms right now, the variety is called Annabelle and the flowers look like huge snowballs but about 12" wide! Really an amazing site in the yard. I have a bunch cut in the house now. Although white they have a creamy yellow/green undertone.


mARTa said...

I love them! I must come take a look, I don't think I've ever seen snowballs in June! I'm glad you all enjoyed your afternoon here...I might be ready for a day NOT to do housework next week and enjoy the pool again! Come on over!

Africantapestry said...

The two of you are having far too much's, pools, chocolate gelato...I'll have to have a word with Casey on how we can "outfun" you here in France!
I love your snowballs, they are just stunning...isn't it a bit late for them?

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