Sunday, March 11, 2007


I did another watercolor of another one of my daughters cats. I used only 4 colors on a limited palette. I don't know how that works really, what colors are best together etc. I need alot more practice for that I guess. I am going to try and do a few others, I really don't like the paper I am using but its on a block and its a good size so I will try and use it up. I seems to grap the paint and likes to "ball up" when you apply multiple layers. Its not good.


mARTa said...

I must admit, I have a cat phobia but these are intriguing and have caught my attention. I think I can see you in them!

Wendee said...

I've been thinking, still, about the "digging deep" post, and labels that people are intent on using. That's fodder for a longer comment, or maybe a post, myself.

But I do have to say that these cat portraits have been really quite striking. Hope that your watercolor classes help you grow your style and express your inner creative voice.

Susan said...

But I love the cats, both of them! The face on this one is so like one I had a few years back - best cat ever. The flower spray down below is just my cup of tea, so to speak. I love it. I can picture it on a set of notecards I would love sending.

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