Monday, March 05, 2007

Blood Oranges

Well I managed to find a few minutes to paint today! I love when I can steal away and paint. I have several fruits and vegetables that I have been dying to paint but haven't yet. Due to the threat of rot I decided to paint the ones I thought may not survive another few days first, then I will try to get to the rest. I found asparagus and want to paint it too, maybe tomorrow.

These blood oranges were given to me by another artist friend and she has already managed to paint them beautifully, I was so jealous. They are called blood oranges because when you cut them their juice looks red like blood and they stain also. Not as sweet as a regular navel orange but still very good. I love the blushed skin that resembles an orange that is bruised with red. Here is my version, thank you Marta for sharing from your tree.


mARTa said...

bring it to quilting tomorrow! and others as well....I love your version of the oranges as well...I think I can learn a lot from you! See you tomorrow night! marta

Linda said...

Beautiful oranges! How vibrant they are!

Wendee said...

Oooo! These look fantastic! Did you get to paint the asparagus, too? All this great, yummy looking fresh produce. Lucky we live in Southern Cal, huh? :)

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