Sunday, February 11, 2007

A new avenue

I have wanted to join the Riverside Art Museum and get more involved with artists in my area for so long. I recently found out that there was a plein aire group that meets there and is very involved with the museum and has shows etc, so I joined. I am so excited, not only to paint and visit with local artist but to see more of the city and surrounding areas where I live. It looks like it is going to open some new doors and hopefully it will be something I can do more often. I had been driving to either San diego or LA to meet up with other artist, now they are in my own backyard.

Randy took me to one of the first meetings and they were having a local painter give a watercolor demo, right up my alley, it was great, we loved it. They also served wine and finger foods. I can't wait to see whats next!


Brenda Y said...

How wonderful!! I was thinking along these same lines recently -- I know there's a local group near me and need to get some info. Your experience is encouraging to me.
Btw, I've been praying the tests Jen had (that you wrote about) came out okay.

mARTa said...

I too am looking forward to going out with this group to sketch and paint. I was happy to see you there and the demo really was good. The last WDT I posted was influenced by the technique she demonstrated that night.

Wendee said...

Wine and finger foods, too? Sounds like a great group. Hope you enjoy it and find great camaraderie ... and get to do lots of painting! I'm very excited for you! Hugs - w

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