Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I forgot to post my Valentines Day photos

I have always loved to gather everyone together at Valentines Day. When the kids were little we would have a big dinner and decorate the table and give each other Valentines. As they got older, we started getting gifts and reminding each other that no matter what we were going through we loved each other. The kids grew up and our family has now grown to include son and daughter in laws and grandkids. I still do the big dinner, gifts and remind each one how much I love them. I know it sounds mushy and goofy but its more important now, since Jenn was so critically injured to make sure I say it loudly. Randy and I often try to do something special together too but it is often on an off day. Saturday night, before Valentines Day, our church had a dinner dance, we went and invited friends, one of my daughters and her husband and took Jennifer. She wanted so much to dance so we put on her leg and wheeled her over to the dance floor where we stood her up and Randy danced 3 dances with her. She loved it and after he was finished he was completely drenched from keeping her standing for all three songs! The night of Valentines I made dinner and had the rest of our family over, I am posting pictures of the dance and the table at dinner. I hope your Valentines dinner was as great as ours, don't forget to take the time to love them.


Wendee said...

Look at all those smiles! Now that's a great way to spend Valentine's - surrounded by so many that you love! :)

Plain Jane said...

Jennifer looks radiant! what a lovely family valentines tradition.

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