Saturday, August 19, 2006

The Vacation

Ok, tommorrow is the big day. For 6 years, my husband and I have not had a vacation alone of more than an overnight thing. Since Jennifer got hurt we haven't been able to find anyone to stay with her for any length of time. We tried her siblings and that just didn't work out, they are unable to grasp the fact that she can't do the things she used to do and she would call me at midnight and say " I am so tired and they still haven't put me to bed". Well it ended up just causing fights among all of us so we don't ask anymore. But my quest to find good care so that I could spend some time with my husband was still in the works. It ends up that the hospital where she has therapy is going to take her and work on some issues we have been having with her prothstetic leg and braces. I was so excited because its a perfect fit, its like her second home, she knows everyone. But even the best hospitals have their flaws and it still makes me a bit nervous not being there with her. The wonderful thing about this hospital visit is that it will allow us to go on vacation and I am going to the Nashville show to see my quilt that is a semifinalist. I have been so excited planning the travel arrangements etc and then last night I couldn't sleep. I think I am just worried about leaving her, its hard to understand if you're not a caregiver or maybe a mom with an infant. I was never the overprotective mother that couldn't stand the thought of her kids leaving. I looked forward to them starting their own lives. They were all gone except one, full time college student. But now, when I do everything for her and we spend everyday together, its so hard. My husband said, "We don't have to go, we can just stay home" but we can't. Inside I know that, I have to do this, she will be fine, and once I am there I probably will be too. We have all these things planned for Nashville and I have to go. I want to sketch too while I am there. So I will be gone for a week starting Tuesday. I hope to return, refreshed, renewed and with lots of fabric, and sketches.


Andrew said...

I bet you're right on both accounts - she will be fine, and it will be hard for you to fully believe that. Best of luck!

To Love, Honor and Dismay

Nan said...

Wonderful news Diane! A much needed break....probably for your daughter too! Being so far away....gulp! But she'll be at a hospital, and in the hands of familiar kind folks! Fantastic! Just Enjoy Yourselves!!!!!

SCquiltaddict said...

Diane she will be son(25) and one of his best friends work at a MS camp every year with kids in similar situations. ITs the highlight of both thier and his year...he thoroughly enjoys working with his camper for the whole week...and everything it entails...already planning to return next summer...only thing that makes him sad is that his camper is now 21 so he wont be back...

Linda said...

I hope you have a great time in Nashville! Don't worry about your daughter -- it sounds like you really need the little respite.
:-) Nashville and surrounding countryside can be wonderful to draw.
(and congrats on the quilt!)

Plain Jane said...

The first time is always the hardest and Jennifer will be so well taken care at the hospital. I'm really sorry her siblings can't help you more with the caregiving.
Can't wait to hear all about the quilt show when you return.

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