Monday, August 14, 2006


One of the most amazing parts of the program, to me, is all of the trained volunteers that are needed to allow one quadriplegic person to water ski. I watch the total trust that this paralyzed person has to have in the team around them. They get strapped into a cage like apparatus that is mounted onto a single water ski. There are two people in the boat, one to drive and one to hold the flag, two sea doos with two people each that follow along side and one person the is on the back of the ski as it gets up and they make sure the person is stable and then fall off and swim back to the dock. All those people, to bring a smile and make a paralyzed person feel like a million bucks for 10 minutes. Its so incredible, such a great group of positive people.


Susan said...

That is incredible. I had no idea that things like this went on. What wonderful people these are to work at jobs like this, and it sounds as if they don't make one feel as if one *is* a job!

I'm so glad you could go with your daughter. What does she do when you aren't on vacation together? Does she live at home?

Donn said...

You sure have one brave and strong beautiful daughter. It just wasn't her time to leave our world yet. She has a lot to give to others. Time will tell.
Your mural is just fantastic!

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