Friday, March 24, 2006

EDM # 58 Draw a frame

Well I am not overly happy with the results of my attempt at drawing a frame and picture. It was a challenge thats for sure. The frame holds a picture of my mom who is standing behind a beautiful poinsettia at Christmas. My sister took the picture and it turned out so good. She had it blown up and framed and sent me one. My mom is such a beautiful woman, she was a professional model and Miss Flordia back in her day. Whenever you take a picture of her she knows how to pose and she has the head tilt thing down pat. My sister and I always laugh and try to figure out how to tilt our head just the right way so we look good. Its not unusual to have our family photos turn out with all of us tilting our head from one side or the other. We all look like we can't hold our heads up anymore. LOL I will always love this picture, my mom in red, at the holidays, in my kitchen cooking! Memories.

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