Saturday, November 15, 2014

The inspiration of Living Loose!

Many of you know that I have been been busy designing new patterns and fabric getting ready for Houston. I have actually been so busy doing the business of art that I lost the inspired painting and expressing part of art.

The me part of Art.

I am someone who is always is covered in either paint or threads, but creating for me is often pushed off to the side.

Last year I committed to an oil painting workshop with Dreama Tolle Perry. I love her work and wanted to learn oils. I feel like my fine art work is static and wanted to shake things up for myself!

I decided last year when I signed up, that this was just for me, no expectations, no pressure to perform, no deadlines. I didn't sign up with with friends, I wanted to show up alone, with myself.

The lights are casting shadows but here is my first painting.

It turned out to be a wonder adventure, exploring a new medium with strangers and my own inner voice.  It was also just fun to just be a part a group of creative people all learning something new.

Art is a forever journey of practice and application, we never arrive since we are in a constant state of learning.

I had three days of just laughing, listening, painting and fun! I love the things I painted, even being unsure of this new medium. It was interesting trying to get my head around painting almost the opposite way I paint watercolors. I found not having enough paint on my brush was my biggest problem. I was painting with what felt like toothpaste or thick lotion compared to water! I know this will be some time  for my mind to adjust, probably for the next few years or so! LOL

 I also love the people I met, everyone exploring the rich colors and textures. I am so excited to pursue this medium and a looser, more impressionistic approach in my painting. So far I find I am constantly saying "stop adding details!", "Stop futzing", and it feels okay!

dropping in color

 I was raised to think being loose was a bad thing! Here's to letting it all go and taking on a different, looser, mindset! 


Ladydy5 aka: Diane Yates said...

That reminds me of a photo!

Desiree Habicht said...

Yes Diane, I knew you would know recognize that photo of yours that I love. I want to paint again with Katie!

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