Friday, December 06, 2013

Create everyday in November plus more!

I did actual accomplish the challenge, unfortunately I was unable to always get to my computer to post so I will catch up now. Life just happens sometimes and good intentions fall by the wayside. I had a fabulous month and Thanksgiving! The next day our youngest daughter gave birth to our last grand baby, Bryce Scott at 11lbs 5 oz., what a butterball! The following days were spent consumed in the excitement of our newest member of our family, the blessing of new life and the wonder of all things possible. The timing couldn't have been more perfect, a special way to start that special holiday season.

weird lighting in the hospital but I finally got to hold him once he was released from the NIC unit!
The warm fall colors are now giving way to crisper temps and barren trees. I have some last bits of fall to share before I jump into Christmas! So many projects are on my table and with limited time these days every moment counts. I am taking an "Organize your Art Biz" class from Alyson Stanfield. It has been great since things have a tendency of getting away from me in the flurry of creating. I hope to start the New Year off all put together! Its a process and taking some extra time too. I hope you all are making plans and setting goals for next year. Things you want to do, things you want to accomplish, things that you would like to start. Time has a way of slipping away if we don't plan and set timelines, just like my last week in November!  Now for my painting, I happened to be on a walk and collecting all the colored leaves I found, everything seems to be a blaze of color. Here is my latest leaves from my walk and of course my new grand baby!

Bryce Scott Meyer, our littlest butterball.

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Joan Tavolott said...

Oh, he is gorgeous!! Congratulations to all of you! What a great event to start the holiday season. I am amazed that with all that was going on you were able to create that lovely painting of the leaves. Enjoy!!!

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