Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Old World look, new world materials

I love trying to create a faux look. I guess it stems back to my faux finishing days where I would paint things to look like other things. For example, marble on walls, windows on solid surfaces(tromp loie). Something that tricks the eye or makes you take a second look. I have been working on this art quilt that looks like some of the actual stove backdrops I used to paint onto marble. Then they were grouted to the wall behind the stove as a decorative accent piece. I thought that it would be challenging to try and recreate that look in fabric. To attempt to take something that is so hard and transform it into fabric which is so soft but keep that old world, tile look. This quilt was just accepted into its first show!  I had fun using many different mediums and techniques to get the look, I think it works! I will  be teaching a smaller version in July 2014 in Fallbrook, CA.

Wall quilt, done with inks, pastels, shiva paint sticks, paint, thread, wonder under, netting
close up!


donna said...

Sounds like a great class! :)

PennyJH said...

This quilt is so AWESOME - fantastic that it was accepted into the show!

Martha said...

This is wonderful. I love the look.

Ladydy5 aka: Diane Yates said...

I thought it was the back splash! Amazing AGAIN!

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