Sunday, March 24, 2013

Surtex is around the corner

I thank God everyday for this wonderful gift of art. It is amazing to be able to see the world through an artists eye. To see the colors, the shapes the patterns and be able to capture them if just for a moment. I always think to myself that I will never pass this way again so capture it now. Get your idea out and on paper, jot yourself a note, make a thumbnail sketch and then I have these tiny treasures waiting on me to come back to and develop. I have been working on artwork for the Surtex show in New York. It is a huge licensing show and manufactures and companies come in and shop for images for their products for the next year. It is a huge opportunity to get some of my images seen by lots of people. It is also a huge Christmas market, they always want new Christmas stuff so I am painting Snowmen, Santa's etc in March.

 I am feeling so over the holidays but try to remember how excited I get every time it rolls around again, seeing all the new holiday stuff in the stores! When Christmas was here I would sit in bed at night and make Christmas sketches, jot down ideas for themes etc. Now as the crunch is upon me I refer back to these priceless little pieces of art and ideas to jump start my designs. This year I should have some of my snowmen on tins and notepads etc which will be so exciting! Please keep your fingers crossed for me that I have more art picked up this year. I have lots of deadlines this next few months and will probably have little creative blisters on these busy fingers!!! What are you up too??


Marilyn Fromherz said...

Thanks for this article - I am always thinking of something new or see something that inspires me and I don't put it down on paper. I think I will try this. You remind me of so many things I should do.

Good luck on your show, I am sure more will be selected. Everyday, in my kitchen, I see that beautiful tile of yours!

Threadpainter said...

I love Christmas so much and always promise myself to design some cards (for my own personal use) right after Christmas .... but it is so hard, as you say, to get in that same spirit after the season.
I want to utilize my sketch book/journaling skills more .. maybe I will get a head start now.
I am sure your designs will be gobbled up !

Martha said...

I can already see that adorable snowman with his sled on cards, tins, towels, even a doormat. How about a whole line of them as a tree skirt. Best of luck at the show.

Joan T said...

Your designs are so great! These will be adorable on merchandise. Will you be coming to NYC for that show??? You will have to send me the dates so I can come and at least see you there. I am about 1 1/2 hrs from the city but love any excuse to go in.

Sallie said...

I love snowmen and yours is adorable!

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