Saturday, February 02, 2013

A Dandelion Wish

I happened to be taking a walk with my twin granddaughters, they are now already four! Two tiny people that hold a key to my heart. On this particular walk we were enjoying the yard after weeks of very cold weather. Today it was warm and the sun was out. We had decided to go for a walk in the backyard before getting our picnic lunch together and heading to the park. Rachel bolted forward as I said to them, Lets see what we can find on our walk.  Megan slipped her hand into mine and stayed behind to walk with me. I hadn't seen them in a week and that was much longer than normal, I missed them and they missed me!  Rachel came bounding back holding a tiny hair clip she had found, a treasure left from a previous visit I assume, Look Nana, she excitingly exclaimed. I dusted off her treasure and clipped it in her hair and she was off again to search for something else. I could tell Megan was feeling torn between staying with me and joining in on the hunt. What are we looking for Nana? She asked me. Your looking for anything that is special and means something to you. Just then Rachel appeared again with a beautiful flower, one of only a few to survive the weeks of cold weather. She ran up to us to have us both smell it and we both responded as though the flower was the most fragrant one of all. It was then that Megan screamed out, LOOK, Nana,LOOK and she dropped my hand and ran over to the flower bed, I found a wish! About to burst with excitement she bent down to pluck the wish from its stem and in doing so lost many of the fragile seeds waiting to be set free by the wind. She held the dandelion carefully now as she walked it back to me and reached up, handing me her new found treasure she said, Nana, make a wish and blow! 

There's nothing better than finding a wish!
I then added my journaling on vellum and glued it over one side of the sketchbook

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